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why my bad rep :/

Hi everyone on danu, I've been playin for quite some time, its had its good times and bad times but latly were in very bad times :/. As far as real life goes i lost my closest cousin on April fools day like a sick joke because some guy wanted to drive drunk. And as for in game, idk why i have such a...

Re: My idea for agga

somthing i left out was alos to do that for mages have a certain mage max out cloak of fire another maxs lures and so on. so we can get good buffs on the tank.

My idea for agga

Idk if anyone has thought of these idea but ima say them just incase. so on my lil visits to agga ive found that if u have a camo charm theres a lil spot behind agga that you need 1 idol to get to, but once in there even without the camo charm ur far enough away from the mobs to attack you, so my id...

Re: Rangers in PVP, done over again???

Hahaha ur welcome bud... You give a lot of xp btw. And I understand that bolas shouldn't be like interrupted everytime but I am glad that I can interrupt it every now and then cause all u rangers do is bolas and run us warriors dot even get a chance. And it's a duel you arnt gonna win everytime

Re: The Life of a Druid: Group Play

Yea I'm a lvl 94 warrior in danu and even I find grouping a must, so don't think that because you have to you guys suck and as for being usefull if anything the update has made druids even more usefull. I love grouping with a Druid he keeps me alive with spells and in return I keep him alive and tak...

Re: Bolas fair or cheating

Bolas is the most unfair thing in pvp, any of you rangers that think it's fair r a Panzy, I'm a warrior and bolas give me not chance to even fight back and I know there's a few rangers that go sheild bash us then. Well ur wrong sheild bash has a 30 second recharge bolas has like 7 sec plus admin hav...

Re: So i see how it is

Uh lonewolf as much as I have respect for you as my old clan leader your dead wrong, dictator far from it. I havn been in a clan as fair as this one. There are 4 common sense rules that everyone must abide by but that's usual for clans. But as far as bobson running the clan is not completely right, ...

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