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Re: Hi everyone!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I have a long list of noob things I've learned but nothing beats me waiting at High King Umr thinking he was the "King" boss that's in the carrowmore tunnels lol. Hey his name has "King" in it!

Hi everyone!

I've been playing the game for almost 2 months, and I definitely can say that I appreciate the community here. I'm learning how to play a druid but I definitely wasted a LOT of time figuring out the simple things in this game like finding Bowen in the castle to get back on my mount lol or even what ...

Re: Trouble with Fishing :(

Sounds like the fish your trying to catch are too high of level for now, try the smaller fish first, if your just getting started then the low level fish/water ripples will be good, otherwise that will happen if the fish is too strong, hope that helps goodluck :) Thanks for your advice! I thought t...

Trouble with Fishing :(

Hi CH Community, New player here *wave I'm having some trouble with fishing and wasn't sure where to ask this question. I looked up the fishing guide by Goodies Druid but still had trouble. I am attempting to fish at Lir's Pier. When I clicked on the water ripple and used the action button, I'm alwa...

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