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Re: Warbeast omelette does not regen in combat??????????????????

If food actually stayed after death, it would definitely make cooking a lot more useful and inspire others to cook. +1 For the amount of time people spend maxing out their mastery for cooking, only to die immediately after using food because you aggro a few more mobs is frustrating. However, it woul...

Re: BT drop

I’ll just very carefully slide these photos right into this forum posts :arrow: https://i.postimg.cc/GmLB59S2/0-A7832-FE-F64-A-46-A3-B690-DEA1-BDD879-D8.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/m28Zhj8L/68-EF1-F94-6-E78-4-D01-8704-A45-C334-DF1-B2.jpg Edit: Maybe not as much Druid stuff as it used to be 8-)

Re: Next Competition/Ideas

;) my last idea was for the competition to be to come up with competition ideas :lol: After that I thought a scavenger hunt might be fun. Provide a list of say 100 items, from rare and vague drops like a crafted bow to certain fish to a speciality bake. First one to find all 100 times and accumulat...

Re: Druid bt ammys?

There’s a similar discrepancy between fire and ice Mage BT ammys. https://i.postimg.cc/Y26kz6hx/FD24-D367-5627-4545-BC7-E-5-E660136973-A.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/NMxJ5jjR/49576-AD7-88-E3-4-EE0-AFE9-88-BE8-C8-B6-CE4.jpg While I know fire mages are like infinity superior, not sure if fire mages are mo...

Next Competition/Ideas

So its been a while since we had an official competition (besides that tiny one with the create-a-fourm signature) so instead of creating a thread just to ask for a competition, I thought it would be cool to have a post discussing ideas on what *you* the playerbase wants! With Valentines Day coming ...

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