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Re: Support appeals

Did nothing? This is what players do they try to sell accounts or items for real profit and when they got banned " I got banned for no reason this is not right" shut up you tried cheating the game and got caught I seen your posts on band of you selling unfathomable don't play innocent


In rhiannon nobody is playing the castle is empty carrowmore empty every where is empty otm weneed this update can you guys tell us when it will be released


To everyone who sells the games items for real life profit you are as guilty as a person who scamms from others in games but probably even worse.. you are breaking the rules and you are making a profit of Celtic heroes I know someone who sold wings for 500$ and I know it cost less to get that wing

Re: What Happened To Avalon

Lobo38 wrote:what happen to avalon?? ummm they had gele rage on em 7times straight with 35 ppl only getting it to 40%. and then raged at other ppl cuz they were watching them fall at it.
on a other note hope to see u nubs back for update! lock fights always makes game more fun!

You sound stupid

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