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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Hey Heroes! We know you’ve all been asking for updates on what’s coming next with all the changes and hustle and bustle around the Birthday Events. As many of you know, the game moved to the Unity game engine years ago. Currently, we are developed on Unity 4 which is about 3 iterations of Unity beh...

Re: New Forum/Support Software

What do you think about a feature that allows the players to get items with dkp system? Chiefs and generals can add points for each boss and ppl can use them to bid on items. It should works like actually Auction. But you have to do it extremely customizable, each clan have different dkp system. For...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Heroes! You've ventured into the Corrupted Gardens but this is only the start of your adventures in the realm of the gods! What corrupted beings await you inside the Corrupted Gardens Palace? http://www.celtic-heroes.com/images/2018Images/Comp/FearsomeFoeComp.jpg With the gates closed for so long w...

Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

http://www.celtic-heroes.com/images/2018Images/Comp/OstaraCompetition.jpg Heroes! The Ostara hunt is almost here! Lord Maclir has requested the help of Dal Riatas finest hunters and chefs in creating an epic Ostara feast! Those who have proven their services to the lord will be rewarded greatly. Th...

Re: T8 offhands skills

Criminal wrote:All druids offhands seem weaker than edl offhand.

Nope, the direct heal on nt and nb is very good and also the skill is. Also the dps type is good, support type maybe will be good just for bt, im not not sure.

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