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Endgame tanking misc

Sooo what misc is the BEST for tanking Here is what i know about best tanking jewels 3 tier 4 tanking rings 1 huntsman ring Godly deffence vit dex braces And poacher ammy 190 Now that were over that whats best misc?? Right now im using ironroot skain which if u add ip the deffence and dex ir equals ...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

https://s22.postimg.cc/vublqndo1/FF6_AF83_D-6_C3_E-4_F08-_A59_E-32_CA48_D0_C5_D3.jpg Treecyte Boss ( poison boss ) 6 skills - branches from the ground that hits everyone in the area - strangle with branches to stop person from moving - a strike dealing very high damage - go in growth mode for 5 sec...

muldar is a noob

As far as ik muldar can use his 500 lvl toon only during working hours but do u think he hates his own game “or game he works for “ otherwise he wud have lvled his ranger xd lol any thoughts?

I feel like he only play the game during work xd

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