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Re: iOS 12 compatability

an indie app has knowledge of their code and has the version just behind the latest we have a team who hasn't worked on the same code and has 4 years of new content of unity also being owned by the same due literally changes nothing. don't see your point there. This is fault of the owner of VR/OTM ...

Re: iOS 12 compatability

Other than lack of complete iPhoneX compatibility iOS 12 works perfectly for me. Unfortunately can't play CH much for long periods of time as the reduced screen display makes it physically painful to press the buttons for skills and movement due to having to reach at weird wrist angles, but from my...

Gele dagger

If th casting time is going to be as much as sneaky aatack maybe more, shouldnt the dmg be nearly or as good as sneaky, bcuz so far u can auto and outdps the skill time


Hello, my name is legacyte and i am a member of pegasus, Pegasus is an endgame clan of lugh that takes down raids up to gele, most of the raids go down within spawn, and we treat each other as a family, no matter what happens we got each others backs. The clan level requirement is lvl 150, drops and...

Re: Hey You Guys! (New Trailer)

Who is up for making a chicken fan video for the next contest? I am now obsessed with chickens. Thank you, Curry. You've converted me. You really have no idea how often I push for that freakin' chicken helm. NO IDEA! Also, the trailer is already up on social and the VR Youtube. We'll post the longe...

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