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Fingal economy

Uhh i might xfer here want to know the price of these specific things
Resto pots
Mount Tokens
Pet tokens
Also how many dom clans and the names of those clans

Re: Need advice on str usage

Im lvl 163 ranger, so i know the struggle. If you plan on leveling w money , then no prob use what you like, but for me(broke) i use equal str and dex to max attack. All dex and All str arent good if you want the most damage from an auto. For skills i depend mostly on auto w max rapid shot(25 sec fo...

Re: Sword Warriors

It definitely needs some specific skill to make it at least viable, Blunt and Axe have Rupture, Spears have Skewer. 2h weapons are another thing entirely, they are really useless... which is a shame because they look amazing. I am not a warrior but I have an idea of a new skill for swordsmen. I wou...

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