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Hello there. I recently started a new account on Taranis named LarrytheLobster. I was pretty bored so I went to Farcrag and started dancing. That was when I realized why dance for free when people will pay to see me dance. I charged them 10 gold and it worked. So now im an odd job man. I provide ser...

Fingal economy

Uhh i might xfer here want to know the price of these specific things
Resto pots
Mount Tokens
Pet tokens
Also how many dom clans and the names of those clans

Re: Need advice on str usage

Im lvl 163 ranger, so i know the struggle. If you plan on leveling w money , then no prob use what you like, but for me(broke) i use equal str and dex to max attack. All dex and All str arent good if you want the most damage from an auto. For skills i depend mostly on auto w max rapid shot(25 sec fo...

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