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Garden is always Greener on the other side. Warning spoiler alert!

My oh my, how do I like the taste of this nasty veggie pie!? Yes please, give me plenty! The new garden zone is awesome, boss battles revamp the way we drop bosses with renewed combat system / environmental improvements like 20 sand tornados impeding path to jump happy boss dancing around like a fro...

Re: Game-wide Auction House

I like your idea about a game wide auction house. Open up the market regardless of the super wealthy 1%. It would jump start the economy in a way that would radically change in game socialization. Increasing access to all this game has to offer to everyone will only help player retention, player exp...

Star Fire

A 1980s Nintendo generation deeply embedded in 2018 mobile game devices may consider current games a step backwards both graphically and in scale. Taking a McDonalized approach to mobile gaming (have it here, have it now) does come with its sacrifices after all. Regardless, who doesn’t love taking t...

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