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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

This comment will probably get removed but i’m sorry i’m calling bs. It has been what? 4-5 months now? You’re telling me it took you that long to realize it’s a “bug”? Couple days ago the team was researching a way to get rid of botting for blossoms, so you decided to nerf it and call it a bug. if ...

Re: Thursdays Server Reset

https://i.postimg.cc/LscqhJV4/17-F9-A163-5565-48-DC-8-FCA-9152-A7-DE7275.jpg I have so many brilliant meme ideas on this topic Let the memes train start :lol: :lol: Or end lol. People are trying to make a point and others adding memes insulting the company will just get the post locked lol

Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Many have leveled without blossoms it’s no big deal. I actually like the fact they are doing this finally. It’s just weird they are calling it a bug when it’s been well known for while. Maybe because they are busy with the unity update to focus on much else probs.

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