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Re: Is Lugh Active?

Lugh is dead peggasquid is correct Ms dred is apart of the only Dom clan on the server keep in mind it is dying .... Not there clan the whole server... They're trying there best to get players but no one wants to xfer because lugh gold is worth nothing .

Re: Account problem

I'm pretty sure he was tryna sell his account ... And he probably did and things didn't go his way .... Because there's no way someone else can log into your account unless they got your info .... Which would be account sharing .... Regardless I've never ran into this issue sooooooo this doesn't mak...

Re: Next Boss

Btw I'm from the server of lugh and this is my first post so I'm not used to forums but I like everyone's own inputs on what the new boss should have and shouldnt have ;3

Next Boss

Ik Bt is rather new and stuff but im jsut curious of what the next boss is going to be. Think about it ti kill bt you need like 40 geared people aka full doch gul etc... so is the next boss gonna need like 80 fully geared doch gul players? and what would it look like ... ik the engine needs to be up...

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