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Re: Dragon or Phoenix??

I think critical skills increases your chances of criting and critical strike increases how high you can crit for. So let's say your skill base dmg 5000 and without a drag you crit for like 8000 max, critical strike could increase that to where your hitting between 9000-10000 more often instead of 8...

Re: New Arena thoughts

Ugnar wrote:Imo this is the best update. Being a major pvper and having my favorite content expanded makes me and many others really excited. Also opens a doorway to more cross server options in the future. Major props to VR :D

^ This guy is a monster in the arena :lol:

Nuada Downs Gelebron!

Great job Crew on our first Gelebron attempt! We killed with 39 toons and no rage! https://s15.postimg.cc/64rounrwr/Band_Photo_2018_08_12_10_44_18.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/ezsj56oez/Band_Photo_2018_08_12_10_47_11.jpg https://s15.postimg.cc/yuekrbbcb/Band_Photo_2018_08_12_10_47_18.jpg https://s15.p...

Re: Snor and Sreng Locker

I don't find Riposte useless for a locker rogue. If you are first to gain aggro, then Riposte is actually a great skill for locking. Imo I'd go 2-1-1 dex-str-vit and use Shadowstrike, Quickstrike, Riposte, Lifesteal, Poison Weapon, and throw any extra points into Fast Reflexes. For gear, Shadowstrik...

Re: Family ambicious clan

Nice post Chuck. Ignore the people telling you where to post this. Not everybody reads in the Nuada section and I've seen plenty of clans over the years post recruiting topics in general discussion. PsychO is a great clan and I love chatting in discord while killing bosses with them. :)

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