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Re: Systems for dom clans

How do you attend dino when you can't even stay there without getting teleported? O_o Does WoW not account for participation? And if so how does it account for it? Celtic Heroes is a small game, every person who attends is needed. WoW just has thousands of players in a server so it doesn't matter i...

Re: Systems for dom clans

There is without a doubt that changing the loot system will be both a radical change, as well as a quantum leap for raiding in CH. There are instances where lock groups are meaningless* : 1) Dino 2) BT 3) Gele 4) Proteus 5) Mordris 6) Necro *Except for lock battles, since you need more than a group ...

Re: Systems for dom clans

One of the biggest issue with clans is that the server is zero sum based instead of instanced. Hence players are forced to enter Dom clans instead of clans with integrity and fairness. World of Warcraft's current loot system is fantastic. 1) built in loot distribution. No arguments there. 2) loot dr...

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