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Re: Fix ASAP

I have a question for VR. When you decided to place the boss on the arena. What is your main objective. I am sure you have a goal in mind.

Re: Where are we heading?

Question is so simple that VR won’t bother to answer. But in the realness this is something I am very concern about. As all you do, I I love this game. Not seeing any major update, or having any information where the game is going makes me sad. I can’t not longer find motivation to keep login on eve...

Re: why dont admin respond

Awww Tadaah is gone? Thats sad. :cry: Yup. Sadly she “quit” and didn’t said goodbye. That just tell us she was doing her job and didn’t care about the community. She has said before that she was planning to travel the world. The community is toxic so i dont blame her for not saying good bye. She wa...

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