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New pets

Has anyone gotten the salveroot seedling? I’m curious to see what the skill is since seems more as a support pet rather then damage pet

Re: Crazy rogue stats

https://s22.postimg.cc/p651ez2xt/Screenshot_20180805-154408.png So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food I know you have full dg, but do you have a bt helm? If so what tier? Nope, this was quite a while ago! Oh dam. No idea what my stats are. With 2 piece dg, I think I only sit at li...

Re: Rondel vs Celerity

DL oh is best in my opinion when it comes to logging due to the divine damage. Ss being your initial skill can sometimes hurt you or help you. And a crit sometimes can be in instant lock. Having several people ss when boss spawns, in a group, more then 50% of people will land and get lock advantage ...

Re: Dual logging

How easy is it to dual log a warrior and a mage? I know health regen will be the biggest issue. What are your guys thoughts? Is it viable or meh? I feel having Mage and war is easy to dual with. If you mean by lixing, kinda rough, gotta figure out who main dps is so you know who to pay attention mo...

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