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Re: Boar vs dragon for end game tank

Boar if you are a tank that has high def and want to make up for that with the extra vit and def. Bunny is only useful if you solo tank many lower EDL bosses or hrung/necro/mord. A dragon has 120 vit and 120 dex (which are the only two useful stats for a tank). The lowest tier boar has 120 vit and 2...

Re: End Game Tanks!

There are my most up-to-date stats and gear. I am still trying to find a celestial might gele axe but its insanely hard for me. https://s13.postimg.org/99mvu9yo7/IMG_0725.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/ext6l6aqf/IMG_0726.jpg I also have a shadowscale helm of night and use a shadow dex spear.

End Game Tanks!

Hey everyone! I was wondering how endgame tanks across the servers have built themselves. This post is aimed at 220+ tanks but any tank can feel free to share their stats. I ask that you: -Post your stats -Share your reasoning for choosing this build -The build's general pros/cons My stats are: Def:...

Dragon Egg

Hey there, I accidentally purchased another dragon instead of empowering my level 1 dragon because I thought they would be breeded to increase their tier to level 2. Is there any way support could reverse this error by refunding the egg in exchange for the level 1 dragon I purchased? The account I m...

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