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Re: I’m -4 in both factions is there a reset button? Hoping VR can help.

Double checking with the team, but pretty sure you'll just have to grind your way back up. Thank you for the reply, yes I have been doing a few days lol maybe a month should have it done ;) About 20hrs of semi attentive dual logged grinding in a weekend got me from max -4 to +3. If you have the tim...

Re: Nuada Downs Gelebron!

Grats on the kill! Time to complain again, so apologies behorehand: drop rates of crap drops need to be lowered or they need to be removed completely. No one is waiting on light heal and giant swing rings and im probably missing a few other useless items. Each class has 2 braces that pretty much no...

Re: T8

Even with a godly cd brace the amount of leeway between getting 1 cast or a second cast is tiny. The only way to ensure you get 2 casts is to either delay casting the skill until double is ready or hold double shot until the skill is ready. Both resulting in a loss of dps It is satisfying squeezing...

Re: T8

I use since I have godly double shot brace

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