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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Perhaps adjust some drop rates this reset as well.. like guaranteed imperial+ to gele.. instead of having a reset that’s only negative to the playerbase and is completely unnecessary. Nerfing the quest a level after you get it, it might as well be removed entirely.

Re: Weekly bosses

Not doable with 8 average players IMO. Nothing new though, we’re used to taking bosses with 30-40 players and only getting loot for 5. The faction bosses give loot to, on average over half the players there.

Re: Restart for 1.5x exp?

The unscheduled random restarts are frustrating, do VR not understand restarts are like mini events? Should be given at least 12 hours notice imo. Happening pretty much randomly once a week now, dont imagine a bit of notice would be too hard.

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