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Re: The call for help

Hello, the adventurer of Dal Riata. I have read your plea for assistance, and today I Catsmith offer aid to your goal of locating the wagon, that contains the treasure, which may destroy our precious lands. In order to provide you with what I can, I have scavenged the roads towards our dock and have...

Warbeast omelette does not regen in combat??????????????????

Hello fellow celtics, i am here today just to ask if this food which provides 650 max hp and 70 regen, which does not state that it is off battle and assumed it was regen in battle. I hope you get back to me and if it is suppose to be in battle please fix it.
from yours truly Catsmith aka ragged nub.

Re: Danu's AH down?

I honestly hope they do and refresh the system or something some people have been experiencing some very annoying lags of some kind. such as dying and when using a idol it doesn't work which causes loss of bosses

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