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Dragon eggs

Hey guys, I'm buying another dragon egg, if you have one and willing to sell lets work out a deal, send me mail in game


Re: Anybody else having this?

Which quest is that? The one u got 200k xp for. I would geuss its the summer xp quest because a) he is standing near the green man, and b) killian doesn't give 1.6k gold, though i might be wrong... yes, it was the summer event quest for 180+ and thanks guys just restarted the game and everything we...

Re: Hello Behemoth...

Sorry Zapper, I can't say anything because I don't know Behemoth. so...why make that post if you don't know anything? @them (zap, behe) is bringing peoples behavior on forums really that important? IMO giving people heads up about a fake scammer etc to try and help others I do appreciate so I know ...

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