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Change servers?

So, I was wondering what the process is for swapping characters over to a different server.

We have made friends on another server and where we are not moving now is there an option later if we wanted to where we can swap our characters to a different server?

Main clans on the server?

I was wondering what the main clans are like on the server? My wife and I have one of each characters but our mains are my Warrior and her Druid. We are only level 80 to 100 with our characters just now and we have a clan with the two of us that we have our ten characters in (we both have one of eac...

Rogue Build and Point's Question.

So I have a few questions about rogue builds and skills, my character which is my main alt is only about level 60 and I have come to wonder about the build and points. At about level 45ish I was getting annoyed because every time I went stealth to use Sneaky attack I got seen and as such the skill b...

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