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Demonheart items in chests

Why is it still in the chests? It had its own special demonheart chest, mixed in with the oni chest and now with the jester ones too. It should be considered aeon by now with its barding removed too. Please don't just reuse the old chest, chuck in some pretty new items and give them back to us with ...

Re: Hello new support here!

Su Mucheng wrote:
Graced wrote:Welcome aboard Su Mucheng! Quick question, was your name inspired by The King's Avatar?

Yes! Indeed! I really like her and it's a cool name!

Whoop! She is an awesome character! Hoping the English translation of the novel will be done soon, it's so good!

Re: OTM - Terrible flashing/flickering still after “update”

I've noticed that the flickers happen when rogues use shadow strike. If you're close to a rogue when they use it, the bug occurs. Even if they're not grouped together. So during raid bosses, with the number of rogues spamming it, it creates the crazy blinks.

Hopefully this new reset resolves that

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