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Re: Camping the dragons

Hey I have a idea if u want the midsummer crap then buy the stuff because prime and unbreakable arnt going to quit and that's a good thing because like most games u have to lvl up to enjoy the game the most

The latest patch

Ok for those of u who don't know all the new features of the patch this is for u. Now most of u know about yuritr sunscale(I' don't care how u spell it) but there are also 2 more dragons I've seen one of the others known as the solstice drake but as I said I haven seen the patch dragon(I will not di...

Buying upgread items

Ok I'm buying things again I'm buying green rems of meatle and stars also fire tabs of granite and air tabs of granite find me in the game as druid01 or find one of my clansman in dawnstar and ask if I'm on

Thank you

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