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Re: regen?

Arj, Fru and I have been married for almost 16 years. He hasn't changed. Sometimes when a person sees change in another it's because their perception of that person has changed. Fru has a big mouth and that's not new. Pretty sure its the mom in me that keeps me quiet when I could be off on a tirade...

Re: Camo gear

It IS very valuable ans very overpowered. If anyone tells you otherwise, it is only to lower the prices in their favor

Re: Please Stop

Do not doubt yourself lad. You weild a great power; do not ignore its magnificence. Thou has the power to not click and read the Clan updates and news. Use it as the forefathers has taught us.

Avehe unfe, oungye adawanpe ndae ontde ebe ea rinchge

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