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Re: About the event

Just to piggyback off this instead of starting a new thread...will this event be ending Yule? Just wondering if I should spend all the thousands of stolen presents I have beforehand or if I still have time to farm the effect ones lol

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

We just finished the run of what I hope is the first of many adventures on Ros, and I found it a lot of fun. I’m not disappointed at all in any part of it, especially considering this is an individual player behind it, and not the devs. It was fun for fun’s sake, and it was great to see the enthusia...

Re: Event chests

I imagine that’s what they’re going for yea. I like aeon items, but things like the instruments need to be removed. Add fashion tokens to the list lol I have no idea why they weren’t removed 3 chests ago. Most useless item in chests Not entirely useless. New people to the game still would need them...

Re: Event chests

Maybe they're going to rotate the aeon fashion with every new chest? Could be interesting if they have an event with just aeon and something, but I rather they remove aoen altogether personally._. I imagine that’s what they’re going for yea. I like aeon items, but things like the instruments need t...

Re: Ward and Lure Rings

Ward and Lure rings. I see there was some effort to provide end game lure and ward gear from the new boss, but even then it seems way too unacceptable for the few items available may be acquired. Crush, Slash, Pierce wards and lure counter parts are available through a rare boss spawn Prince Corvax...

Re: Global Auction House

I hope eventually a Global AH is implemented, but I think that if it is ever done, it would need to be done carefully and be well-thought out. A lot of people think it’s a great idea, a lot think it’s a terrible idea. It’s not hard to see from both sides of the spectrum on this topic. If not done ri...

Re: Global Tavern

Xanadu wrote:
Zkills wrote:Might as well call it Global Cooking because the ovens are over crowded lol

You don’t have to be at an oven to cook. You can cook by talking to any cooking npc and asking them questions. I just checked at two of the three were entirely free.


This works like a charm :D

Thanks for fixing this

I meant to say this back when the Dino update first dropped, but thank you so much to the devs for finally making it so that not only do we not need to constantly add back the skills for pets, war mounts, and offhand skills, but that they go right back to the same spot you have them set up. I can’t ...

Re: The pig pet

I’m using one as a tank - I switch between piggie and boar. They both have vit. The boar gives some armour and defence, but for most bosses that’s only a little bit to sacrifice and it won’t be critical. Boar is good getting swarms of adds to stick, using the cloak skill. But for single boss tankin...

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