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Re: Blessed Crown Yule Hats

Anyone know how this quest works? I just completed the red basic crown and put it on. I received the pink quest from the npc, then took off the crown and decided to reread the info given again before i left. I was then given the quest for the blessed red crown. I went out n got a candle or two, but...

Re: Yule recipes

Bringing back the spices every for the winter would be nice. I don’t think the recipes themselves need to make a return. Maybe new limited time recipes that also incorporate the holiday spices would suit everyone. Just out of curiosity, was there ever any point or effect to mince pies? XD

Re: Demonheart items in chests

I feel like aeon should’ve been removed ages ago as it is, and demonheart should’ve been removed when omni came out. There’s just way too much stuff dropping in chests now, making the already small chances of the better stuff even less likely, thinning the chances of getting stuff you actually need/...

Re: Cooking faster

Yea it’s a real pita. I’ve played around with trying to level it. I have a theory that cooking low level foods without extracts on wisdom lix works at maxing it, kind of like how cooking low level foods on wisdom with extracts helps max mastery. I’ve only done a few lixes to test it though, so not e...

Re: Why?

Why? Because VR, like OTM before them, don’t seem to understand that 99.9% of the caster population in their game don’t auto lol

Re: New item drop locations

https://i.postimg.cc/pXsKCF55/2-BFAA577-9-B8-B-4708-AF18-20-D7757-C5795.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/TPDmTN7n/66898971-2-B9-E-4-B9-E-89-F3-0-FC172-E76-C6-C.png Got this today. Thought I’d post just to clarify it doesn’t drop from any special 4* mob. Just a 4* curseweaver. Unsure if the 4* battlemages a...

Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

I use both bunny and dragon, mostly bunny rn because dragon isn’t maxed because egg drop rate sucks balls and really don’t see them for sale much in AH. But yea, I like the bunny for the heals, especially with ability almost maxed. Comes in very handy when trying to kill hounds in arc :lol: and in m...

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