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Re: Game crashes

Server morrigan. iPad Air 2, get in for a few seconds then crash. Turned down graphics, still crashes. Does not matter what I do. This was in carrowmore and also murkyvalts. Also IPad mini 2, same but can’t even stay in 3 seconds. Was ok at start but then got worse. Again in all areas. Both working ...

Transfer Herne to Morrigan - Camo/100%mount/Top Fash/10Mil

Hello, I have a few very nice toons on Herne that has many nice things that I would like to trade for same or similar from Herne to Morrigan. Maybe, you want to try something new, but feel torn leaving a lot behind? Please contact me in game on Manetheren in Morrigan (as I don’t check this forum muc...

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