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white armdire woad body (aeon or original)
black glenmor legs (aeon or original)
orange hunter legs (aeon or original)
orange hunter gloves (aeon or original)
orange hunter boots (aeon or original)

full red glenmor set (original)

looking for these fashion pieces

looking for these fashion sets and pieces sets: white sunlit black wyldwood (original) quartermasters (eyepatch) yellow glenmor (original, not including hat) red wyldwood (original, not including hat) pieces: black sacred watch helmet purple glenmor boots (original) purple coven hat purple top hat p...

Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

1stly i would like to point out the fact that this was an xfer post, not a "who's world/server is the best" kinda thing 2ndly i would like to point out a flaw in some of your argument is crom the only server who's top players have charaters on multiple worlds/servers?? (retorical question,...

Stargem set

Hi guys, was just curious as to what might be the best combo of stargem pieces for a rogue currently lvl 181 (will also share set with my ranger and probably warrior eventually, but atm rogue is my priority) Currently i have the stargem amulet of the stormcaller (lvl 150, 120 cold dmg, 200 strength,...

Looking to buy:

Hi guys, looking for a bunch of things for my toons, starting with my Rogue: +10 expose weakness ring (or better) +10 lifesteal ring (or better) +10 riposte ring (or better) +5 quick strike ring (or better) +5 poison weps ring (or better) +5 smoke bomb ring (or better) +5 rend ring (or better) Range...

help with builds for lvl ranges!!

hi guys, i have a main which is a rogue and have only managed to get my druid up to lvl 60 so far i was just wondering which the best skills would be to help me with lvling to about 120 or so, being in a group or out soloing i have ok lux to support my energy atm so that is not an issue until later ...

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