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Re: Chests

That sounds like a nightmare, idols, restos, everything would be extremely expensive, imagine what this would do to server economies, not to mention how many players would probably quit as not everyone buys enough platinum on a regular basis to play eg normally like now. I don’t really see that hap...

Re: Chests

The addition of aeon and tokens just made droprates more spread out, you just had bad luck, some days I get 1box of hastes but on a lucky day I get around 11

Re: Prices

Well this is a suggestion to the minority of Sulis players but I don't think anyone would buy 10 Corrupt Drake Claws for 150k :lol:

Re: Server Restart at 1:00 PST

Surely you know that on fast spawn events smaller clans have a much higher chance of loot than normal, right? It’s harder for clans to cover all the spawn points, can’t park everywhere. it’s easier for monopoly clans to cover them...what are you on about:/ Robert are you part of a smaller clan? Or ...

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