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Re: Future Updates

Curry30423 wrote:
Difinitus wrote:I know that many of you are excited to known what the team has in store for the next update, but I don't have any info to share with you at this time.

When the team is ready to announce some news, I'll post it here on the Forums first. :)

Chicken helms plz

Zenther should get one :lol:

Re: Rogue Solo Dex Build

Romeo wrote:
Shivahh wrote:I did
1:2 str dex in carrow
More str than dex everywhere else

There is no right or wrong in terms of level builds it comes down to preference and how players customize their gear

Just watched you solo Ymir. Very cool!

Thanks :)

Re: CG oh T8vsT10

You dont think having a server with one clan able to kill bt already kills competition due to the advantage given by bt gear and the drawing effect it has on a servers player base? The same argument for a t8 oh to be able to overcast a t9 or t10 one could be made for dl spite to overcast edl spite ...

Re: Danu use Band?

Not sure about band, I know there's a sell, buy, trade group on line but not sure how often it's used anymore (it used to be quite toxic)

Re: Mord helm/DG aura

If anyone has an old shadow / void moon or earth helm they no longer need because they have an op ;-) dg one mail it to me pls I'll get some use out of the old outdated thing save it going to waste or you having to break that aura :-) . Yes it probably took years to get and is actualy better than t...

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