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Re: Mages after the update

Damn this was in 2011 ...yup, and things are quite a bit different for mages now. :D (Also, they don't really like people resurrecting threads that're old and dead ;) If you want to look into more recent (and likely more accurate) mage discussions, look around on the Mage subforum at threads with a...

Re: Dhio raid fix

If epona can kill with 100, every other server can also do it. No fix needed. Don't be ridiculous. Not every server has 100 toons to spare for roots when our rooters get teleported. Or to just zerge through a kill. We just do have enough to cover Roots and that's using alts 90% of the time. Sorry, ...

Dhio raid fix

Since enough servers can kill dhio can we be more inclusive about numbers and drop the player capacity, sucks that we have to leave clan members out of the area, y exclude ur already small playerbase


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