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Re: Those of Us Left

I forgot my old forum account details but count me in on the old players list.

I had initially thought the forums was a place we could freely speak but in recent cases I've seen that isn't the case.(@mods, don't reply to this I already know what the reply is and it's triggering, ty).

Re: Gold

Skerwald wrote:I consider 100k a lot, even though I'm sitting on millions of gold right now.

Slightly off topic but I consider 1.2k to be alot of gold, who the hell wants to pay 1.2k to feed a pet that comes back and eats your gold in another 60 minutes.

Re: Unity 2018 beta

Clearly, I dont get the hype, nothing's really changing so it'll be another year or so before any real content, same logging for mord necro prot ect ect and BT if we can manage to get 50+ on at one time, and if not then my only other option is xfer to another server so we can kill BT 3 times a week...

Re: Unity 2018 beta

None of you guys understand what Unity was for. Our Unity engine ch is running on now is like 2014 or something. This causes updates in the future to be harder or impossible to implement. Updating out engine will solve this issue for the future. Unity 2018 Update is in by no means a major update to...

Re: Old players

I am one of the NON Mages who still be able to use EB :) Luckiely im one of the oldest still playin char on Danu. If the tomes wherent that expansive, i would have gotten more, but i just was able to get one non class couse i also needed the ones for my class, and gold was rare, as we where lvl 20 ...

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