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Re: Full support?

My dex is at around 2.8k with cunning at near 4.8k Expose comes to about 2.8k Smoke is past 2k, possible 2.1 Poison wep is only at 238 I use a deadly ambush brace but when I replaced it for a godly prot dex main brace the debuffs when down so I'd say cunning to an extent plays a good role if you wan...

Dl vs Dark gele

At all raids bosses which bow is Superior, in my head I've got it that a dl bow is going to win every single time in terms of kills.
- I am not a ranger, this was a debate between me and a clannie.

Re: New item drop locations

I can't really understand what you were trying to say shivahh, but using the numbers I tried above shows how it's possible that a combination of foc and ice magic could get a smaller effect than just foc even with ice magic boosting the skill. and you guys tested the lure ring for ability boost her...

Re: New item drop locations

That definitely isnt including any abilities, it would be scaling based off of your focus, a massive amount of focus is good but focus that scales above average but below insane with the help of abilities will buff the skill higher than just a block of focus The lure ring scales with abilities but ...

Re: What happened to Avalon?

Sounds like their moral got low after accomplishing everything before every other party did and your apparent lock wins with shop quiv/ runic rings was probably just an add on to that.
Regardless of that id rather hear both sides of the story but what i stated is what i originally thought it was.

Re: New item drop locations

If you check the image again the skill specifically says it uses the ice magic ability. I can't quote it and I don't know how to get the attachement myself so you'll have to scroll up. I guess you could check specifically if the ability does increase the damage, but it would make no sens to put ice...

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