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Re: Are there any plans on making the CG LUX tradeable ?

Alternate solution: When you attain a faction level the faction (or faction shop) gives you a token that allows you to wear the appropriate gear for that faction and level; even if you go down in faction level, if you ever attained that level, you could still equip the gear cause you had the appropr...

Re: Heroic Combination elixir

...not to be off topic, but while we’re here: Thoughts on adding a temporary boost to crit strike/skills? Part of me says that that would make combos more OP, but then part of me says that’s kinda the point of combos lol. (Then there’s the part of me that says why bother; it isn’t that much of an ef...

Re: Are there any plans on making the CG LUX tradeable ?

Well why are the normal Lux trade though. Technically you can just buy them and give or sell to anyone. This new gear isn’t any better than the lux in other shops some is worse. There is no excuse really when they already have so much mix that is buy and sell. Ok, make it all tradeable, but unequip...

Re: Are there any plans on making the CG LUX tradeable ?

My suggestion was requiring that you have lvl X faction to equip... This would probably be the most fair way. As it is now there is virtually no point to the 1-3 shops; if the above were implemented you could resell 1-3 items to recoup some value instead of losing it entirely (thus making more viab...

Re: Hey all.

Felicitations my fine feathered friend! :)
Welcome to the game and the forums, hope you enjoy yourself.
Look around on the forums for any info; if you have a question, odds are someone has/can answer it.
(Incidentally, which server are you on? :))

Re: bank sale

celticalysm wrote:Wow lol still selling all this btw mr pickles lvl 205 ranger crom server

...since the timestamp says May of 2012, I'm gonna guess it's probably not still for sale. :/

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