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Re: Update list

I'm pretty sure that VR has been spending the majority of their time working on their new game Warhammer: Odyssey. That game was supposed to release earlier this year, at which point they likely would have gone to a system of releasing content for both games. However, due to the pandemic (and possi...

Re: Hmmm

Nice one spoiling the surprise pet barrel. Now we’ll have to do something moves and does stuff. I can't speak for other players, but I'd be fine with just a rolling barrel following me around. No, not rolling; it never moves while you're looking at it, it just moves closer every time you look back ...

Re: Ideal Level?

I believe there is no difference in locking above 220 at all. (this doesn't change much on the 220 lock-battle discussion, but it means that at 210, a 230 has no penalty same as a 220). https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=97858&p=775872 So yes, there's not any penalty in ...

Re: Warhammer

Hey! (not a dev, but might have a few pertinent answers) A more specific place you might could get answers is at the WH:O Forums or their Official Discord server . But I'll see if I can recall some of the things that've been confirmed so far: Graphics: Here's a video showing some of their Pre-Alpha ...

Re: Decreasing XP bonus Events

...I think I have a decent answer for this one. (pinch o salt in hand as always) 2X xp was the first of it's kind and was such a sensation that you couldn't enter carrow from the lag, combine that with the rampant accusations of KS and the devs got the impression that double XP might be a bit TOO mu...

Re: Better Late Than Never

Shivahh wrote:Im assuming you levelled to 220 only using knowledge pots :-|

Of course, most efficient way :D
lol, I was 1/10th of a bar away when my very last lix expired, so I popped that and kept going #itWorks

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