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Re: Hey You Guys! (New Trailer)

I demand a trailer where a chicken is soloing bt.... Who is up for making a chicken fan video for the next contest? I am now obsessed with chickens. Thank you, Curry. You've converted me. You really have no idea how often I push for that freakin' chicken helm. NO IDEA! Also, the trailer is already ...

Re: Hey You Guys! (New Trailer)

Not bad trailer at all, let's share it on social networks. . . PS I suggest creating a new boss in the North Peninsula unreachable ruin. https://s8.postimg.cc/712s724at/Capture.png https://s8.postimg.cc/n0lfq65d1/Capture2.png And the ruins in Heroes Landing. Looks epic btw! I think it's got a prett...

Re: Weekend Events

How about a translucent skin, like when you pop an invisible pot, so you can do the whole haunted armor look with any gear. I’d love that on one toon. Ooo this would be cool, but I’m not sure about effecting armor/fash too. Maybe if it was just ghostly skin, but still solid fashion. (Think how cool...

Re: Bans?

Tadaaah wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:
Alyssandra wrote:
Kill stealing.

No it means kissing._.

Yes, kissing. I like it sooo much better that way.

There are things one cannot un-know;
:lol: I am going to be laughing at every ksing complaint from now on, thank you, Scragg.

Re: More than a game

Guthix123 wrote:The game is just a platform for you to interact with the other people...

A game is just a medium for player interaction. Yes, it spawns complex societies within the game, but that's kinda the big advertising point behind MMOs.

Re: Weekend Events

I know someone who has an alt with purple skin so it was a previous thing, he’s been inactive for years though .-. Was a thing from 2011 halloween. I miss yellow skin from 2012 summer event. Need it back so i can make the simpsons The one from 2011 was a weird greenish color if I remember correctly...

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