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Re: Systems for dom clans

Kinda off-topic, but while we're here... there are pros and cons of all three: Dicing: Unbiased (objectively, but can be limited), relatively short turnover (low-maintenance), doesn't necessarily require out-of-game participation, does require policing, random (can reward short-term activity, but ha...

Re: Server Transfer

Two months is way too short. Needs to be somewhere from six months to a year. It should be so expensive to move that if a scammer were to move places, supposedly the items he scammed would all be spent up in the cost it took to transfer. I would say 100$ is perfectly fine since if you want to leave...

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote:
Mind wrote:Edit: @Jake, any reason that amulet of borrum is a different color? My OCD wants to know lol

Either they changed it between Beta and Release, or the different tiers have just got different appearance.

No I meant the text description of it lol

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