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Re: A Beast Awakens

Difinitus wrote:What are you hoping to see most with the new boss?

Gonna beat Curry and say a chicken helm (since I said it first, I get it, right?)

But cool weapons mostly tbh (please have an Elephant Hammer :D)

Re: Question to admins about Beta

There is currently a beta test with a small focus group to test new features for the upcoming content update. Due to the scope of the test, we were not able to extend an invitation to everyone and reached out to some players based on criteria we felt best suited the current situation. There is no p...

Re: Question to admins about Beta

I mean thats understandable and I wouldnt say that in my pov id be telling VR how to run their company or their betas but im sure that with you being an old player and being in the betas it would feel a bit trashy not having the opportunity to get into the current beta when in the past otm allowed ...

Re: Most Active Server?

Stephone wrote:I don't mean 390 at once lol, i meant like 390 regular active eg players, perhaps they log once a day, and keep in mind many play from different timezones, from EST to ACST.

I don't think that "once a day" = "active" in this sense...

Re: Most Active Server?

Tara I believe (had a stat a while back saying they had like 4x the amount of other servers, but that was a bit skewed and a while ago. Even so, should be your best bet)
Edit: insert obligatory "player count != player activity", but you get the picture...

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