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Re: Areana broke

i was playing normally once like 2 witchs ago, and i opened arena list to group my clannies, suddenly my character changed to one of my clannies character, same weaps,armour,fash not only that but i had access to her inventory! i think it happened to all who was in that group and we still was able t...

Re: Costume Contest: Show Off Your Favorite Fashion!

after an encounter with the old wizard... whoever dances last dances best https://i.postimg.cc/x8yd8PWJ/6-FA71-A5-D-9-CD0-4-C65-BDBC-4862-D4-AA9449.gif https://i.postimg.cc/65X2K8D4/7-F31-A7-C2-0-E63-4-D50-8-EC0-DEB2-E85-CA8-BF.png https://i.postimg.cc/1RpXv9fm/F3-A4-C0-CE-A1-FC-4468-8-C7-E-23-D9-DC...

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