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Quick Question

Hypothetically if both a 230 rogue and a 220 had the same gear, same precise speed in locking lets say snorri, who would lock it, since the level cap has been changed?

Re: Dino since last patch

One issue i was having was when I pull the 5* elemental the first time their range of auto is fine, it’s not as far and is safe to detonate, but once the raid starts and it respawns I try to pull it back and like the others have stated it’s hitting autos 15ft away from you meaning it’s closer to the...

Re: Future plans

Hi, I recently answered this in a post a few weeks ago, which you can find by clicking this link: https://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=790518#p790518. We are working on new content, but I don't have anything to share just yet! Thank you! I did read the post, thing was when you mention th...

Future plans

After the Bloodthorn update I was wondering since the Unity engine has taken its place would there possibly be a sneak peek of the new features, updates, maps, quests that are going to be released in 2019? Or atleast a glimpse of hope to having one?

Re: Pegasus

Mizza if i told you I didn’t know who you were til pegasus was made would that probably answer your questions as to why pegasus was born? Funny thing was when we were back in alliance i have never ever seen you on, you didn’t care to log since you’re already geared to the teeth, don’t hate on people...

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