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I currently have a sun ammy in my inventory but I was wondering, whats the best ammy for dps warrior (without including bt or Dino ammy)? Is keeping the sun ammy worth it or sell it?

More DPS Warrior questions.

1. Without including BT ammy. What is the best dps warrior ammy for end game? (you can include garanak or Skain sets)

2. Which dragon is best overall for dps?

3. How should leveling my stats look like? Ive been told to go full str at lvl 180, but how would the stats look before so?

DPS Warrior Questions

I am new not only to DPS Warriors but to warriors in general so I have a few questions... Question 1: what should my stat points go into per level? Question 2: Is dexterity important for warriors? Question 3: Is reaper ring worth getting for DPS Warrior? Or should we just leave it to the rangers and...

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