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Re: clan for the weak!

stop talking like no one other than you has been scammed all im saying is i want a clan like pride in taranis but for lower lvls look at the trust in pride :/ point system im not saying HAND OUT STUFF im saying if they work for it give em a hand pride letd clannys barrow unfathomable xD lux weps etc...

Re: clan for the weak!

if i had the high lvls that are able to boss dl ow sv and edl bosses and necor and mord and snorri etc it wouldnt be that HARD to do are you saying we need to spend money to get higher lvl? and spend MORE money to buy bone shards frozen orbs etc and EVEN more money for dl gear and not invluding the ...

Re: clan for the weak!

lady nimeria i bet the end game xharacters could not farm there edl and dl items for gear if there wasnt a clan to help them get it if they arent in a clan theyl buy them being so expensive theyl buy them by buying plat wasting more money into a game thstd apparently pay to win if no one helps the o...

ranger rings

buying longshot sharpshot rings (any kind) buying greater sureshot strand that adds sharpshot dmg
im xxcelebrimborxx mail me any ranger gear you have tell me its price and ill mail gold back Or trade me and sell me them i swear no one has these stuff ffs

Re: Balor Guide

im a lvl 183 ranger on balor and i got the account from.someone im new to balor i need help in what to do who to join i dont speak russ xD id like to join a end game clan i have full dl but no lux at ALL and i could barely kill a lvl 146 3*7 dragon elder

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