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Re: Getting Started

They are easy to level to 170 in carrowmore tunnels but they don’t do much damage in the tower where you will be levelling from 170+. And their skills use a lot of energy and have long recast times. Their heals also get interrupted a lot so if you’re solo levelling and taking aggro it can be a probl...

Re: Pureness

That said I do have some sympathy with your plight as an underdog clan. My clan was once the underdog and I know how frustrating and hard it can be. But handing out DG like candy isn’t the answer and it makes it unfair on those who have put work in over time.

Re: Pureness

You absolutely do not need DG to play at 220. So it’s a moot point you make about levelling up to 220 and not being able to get into a dom clan. Even if you could get into dom clan chances are you won’t be walking into DG. That takes work and commitment over time. So from your POV you would just sto...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

No. Not while DG is the ultimate armor in the game. Maybe if and when a new, better version comes out that could be considered. Until then, endgame drops should come from endgame bosses. What they really need to do is fix edl bosses the same as they did with dl to sort the weapon bottle neck out. Th...

Re: Getting Started

Thank you all for the suggestions, i will stick with epona then and will make a druid, since i guess it will be the most easy way to get into party when i can Not necessarily. Some people don’t like to level with druids as their dps generally isn’t great (for your average Druid, there are some dps ...

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