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Double plat: The One Time You Can Count On It Coming Is Black Friday! The Day After Thanksgiving!

For Non Americans: The Fourth Friday Of November!

This is For The Tins Of People Constantly Asking


When I joined Donn, everyone was friendly. I had plenty of lux and lixs. I spent 2300 dollars going to this server. So first thing I bought was a reaper ring. Now me I have been playing for awhile, I Max all my abilities before I really level so I was 110 with maxed everything! Joined conc and hit 2...

iOS Servers.

I've been looking around for quite some time, visiting each forum post, and reading about each of the original iOS servers. I still can not make a decision on which one I would like to try. Every Single One!!!! that I have visited has almost an empty auction house, low populated maps, seems like les...

Re: Thoughts on MMOs??

I just hope OTM is reading this and realizes that now they can't afford to make large mistakes. They may have a loyal player base but that doesn't mean they think everything is fine and dandy about the game. I love this game because of my clan. If I did not have a clan, I would just say f it and sp...

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