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Hi all, like so many before and maybe even now, we all have begun, got to the middle and never ended the Fairy quest in the otherworld. My question is simple, WHERE IS SCION TH LOST? WHAT IS HIS SPAWN TIME? Every toon i play has the same problem, i log on many hours gaming and yet each have the same...

Best of the Best

With all the new changes and challenges that have appear in recent events, which would be the better clan to join and grow.

Souls Midnight 180 (hybrid mage.fingals)
Jade Souturi 172 (dps druid.fingals)
Half Caste 119 (dps ranger.fingals)

Re: Can't log in to my account

[quote]Me too....I've been trying and trying and nothing...I've even deleted the game three times and still can't get in...I'm truly going thru withdrawal....I've read the previous posts and agree that maybe it's cuz of the time change but this didn't happen last year...or did it, I don't remember.....

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