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Re: hero transfer

+1000 transferring servers would be excellent, I think a load of people who have retired toons because they lost out to a dom clan would still be around if this was possible. The rest of it people will work out, it's super common in other MMOs so the arguments don't really have any grounding.

Eury needs a gele wand

In the very, very slim off chance that an old player happens to be browsing the forums and additionally has a Gele wand they want to sell me (FB or FS I'm easy) then pleeeease give me a shout xoxo

Re: Carrow Carnage

Honestly, I would prefer an event where the bosses, instead of spawning more frequently, would just drop higher quantity of items . People would be getting more sleep since the bosses would spawn less frequently, but the boss would be dropping more items and elevates the importance of that one boss...

Re: Insurgence recruiting

Hi Gwyidon, Check out our vid and who we are... https://youtu.be/yJOY097myBU Insurgence is looking for new members to join our ranks. We’re a small clan of dedicated players who are looking to help people progress & have fun together. If your interested pm me for details. I love this, it's so s...

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