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Re: "Jackpot chest pet"

well, I am highly disappointed by the fact that you can only obtain a dragon egg by extreme pure luck from stupid chests. This has nothing to do with only being elite players are able to gain them nor does it divide non-plat buyers from plat ones, since I heard that a lot of plat-buyers bought a lot...

Re: Fall and Winter Events

I would be very happy if there were events where you can get new awesome lux jewelry. I also still wonder about that dragon pet? I know that in the beta of the foods of the gods there was a kind of a teaser for getting a dragon as a pet. Would there be a high chance of getting one when corrupted gar...

Re: Food Of The Gods iOS Beta.

Lol was my post about the dragon taming quest removed from this forum and why. Plz OTM don't hide such very exciting info. I think all the players are eager to know more about it and would be pretty excited to have a dragon as a pet Probably moved to the beta sub forum, with the rest of the beta th...

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