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Story time :)

So about three weeks ago, my brother was getting ready to leave back to the Army, his gf was over, and there was an incident about 12am when she left, I woke up at five to hear my mom crying, and my brother quickly said were taking a ride, so I was confused, and really had no idea what was happening...

Best psvr games?

Besides having a small scratch in my right lens, I love vr, but playing skyrim at lvl 70 gets old, and superhot is annoying with the scratch.. Game suggestions? c:
I love horror games the most but im down for anything

Since Nauda is new

Considering Nauda is new, wouldnt it make sense to release revival chests since we have nothing old?
Not sure if its possible for just us, but just a suggestion :)

Anyone else agree?
+1 "yes"
-1 "no"

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