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Re: 2m giveaway

Mossbumblebee wrote:Who would take part in a giveaway owned by a glitch-exploiter anyways.

We all used a glitch at least once. Some more than others. Either way, its 2 mil. I know everyone wants to get in on that, whether its hosted by a "glitch-exploiter" or not.

Re: Scammer care

I've removed the image. As mossbumblebee said, naming and shaming is against the rules. Please report the user using the in game support tool. No screenshots are required, as Support have access to the chat logs. Thanks. :) Although screenshots do tend to make things easier. Whenever i send an emai...

Re: good old time :0

Was going through my pictures and saw this..first time i soloed that mfer >.< miss the good old days Was this the day we lost to bonehead gem? thAt was a while ago when we both had meteoric._.ALL YOUR FAULT TOO FOR FREAKING DYING ON ME._.! and then bolas miss and was like, shiet. And then that duel...

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