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Re: Best collector in CH?

Over here on gwydion, I own full vanq set, full magus set, bp/legs pathfinder, golden ruby skull pendant, and all wk weapons except mallet. I have a lot of other things but I enjoy these the most :3 (besides my yulestave, cane of bats, sunflower wand, and wand of hallows)

Beltane 2015 Breakdown!

The new update... I won't have beta this time around, so obviously I can't get any real stuff but this is how I under stand the following on what OTM has given us so far. *ALL SPECULATION* Beltane Fasion: So far we have seen the male's and the females clothing. (http://i.imgur.com/LzXXkLO.png)Along ...

Re: Rise up and play again

Gwydion, among the most of the servers are generally one of the nicest servers there are in terms of players attitudes and sense of competition. Like it's said above, it's fun to compete against each other, clan wise, and for the most part, besides lock battles xD, everybody likes everybody on the s...

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