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Re: Epona Moments a photo collection!

New pics from summer of 2015 Epona Giving a shout out to the man of the hour, Lord Maclir, couldn't have gotten this far without you homie. *fist bump* West Lirs Reach represent. http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg591/ashtowers88/IMG_1330_zpsjr4w1col.png Happy 4th of July everyone! http://i1245.p...

Re: About Epona

I don't normally say stuff like this but how fitting that all this drama goes under the topic "About Epona". Guys seriously should all be kinda ashamed. This wasn't supposed to be this kinda of thread at all and it gives us all a bad rep. Clans are clans, people are people, bosses are boss...

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