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Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

As a mage i think a rabbit or a falcon is appropriate. Falcon is more dps, rabbit is more survivability. Rangers can use spiders or wolves depending on wether they want slash or pierce damage. Warriors can use a boar if they’re a tank. If they’re a dps build, they get to choose from wolves, spiders ...

Re: Cg Offhands

Rogues definitely got the biggest boost Yes because they fixed a mechanic that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, if all cg oh t10 buffed then Rogues need one too. Rogues don’t need buffs. -1 No buffs but a small visual change to their offhands so players can indicate which spite is on t...

Re: Still no BT helm...

They are kinda more useful than mord helms because obviously the stats and because they save u 3 purenesses. That’s 3 gele kills or 3 lucky prime kills.
Would it really be game breaking if they had the same drop rate as mord helms? Mord helms imo have a balanced drop rates.

Re: Return gold from trade

Lol this sounds awfully ridiculous. I hope you/your friend get ur gold back or even better get the actual mount back.
Support should be strict. Either reverse ALL trades (that are proven a scam of course) or never reverse any trade. No exceptions.

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

Recast rings- do a poll on what skills are popular for endgame bossing and base the skills on them using that As far as im concernd, the main skills for all classes are included. QuickStrike SneakyAttack SS Assasinate (maybe) Firebolt Firestorm Iceshards Iceblast Storm touch Lightning strike Nature...

Re: BT got a secret buff it seems

I can 100% confirm we haven't changed anything. I apologize if it seemed as im pointing fingers here. Regrowth used to be 120 seconds now its 60. It might just be a bug. Can it be checked or something?? BT as a whole needs bug fixing first to thrones now to the bashing. Not to mention the OP volt r...

BT got a secret buff it seems

During our last attempt we noticed that regrowth was triggered every 60 seconds instead of 120. I can 100% confirm that along with many others of my clan members. Im gonna give VR the benefit of the doubt here and say it may have been a rare bug, but idk. Again, i can 100% confirm it was 60 seconds,...

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