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Re: Pay to Win

Lol never bought plat here yet i have like 20m worth of items and fash(not raid gear). Have 2 lvl 6 pets and one kvl 6 mount and soon getting the 3rd lvl 6 pet all by using bounty tokens. I have one of the top 30-ish best healing in the game as well. This game is 100% not pay to win. Paying is faste...

Re: New item drop locations

So skill damage might have a slight tiny potential, but it’s a shame that the cd is so long. Other rings like taunt/calm are relatively low on cd, almost as low as the normal skills. Lure rings cd as well. What a wasted potential to casters. but it really depends how high up it scales to. This, if ...

Re: New item drop locations

Any chance that ring could be equipped on a 220+ firemage and test the skill’s power? Had the same question Also what’s the CD on the skill? https://i.postimg.cc/m2kjKX5D/Screenshot-20190316-034542.png Seems the more focus you have the higher it hits.... At 10 focus 87 dmg Cd is bout same as war mo...

Re: Direct dmg to sharpshot

Ok ive been playing around a bit with my ranger. I have full dg, a godly gele sharpshot ring and an imperial sureshot charm. That means i should have an added 3013 dmg to every sharpshot, but i dont. Ik resistances will lower that and all but on everything from a castle dog to bt it doesnt seem to ...

Re: Lughs 7 bt kill- second helm

Shivahh wrote:
xXzeemXx wrote:Wow that’s pretty cool! 17 kills and counting in herne, not a single helm /:
Curious to see how other servers are doing.
Edit: lmao why.

On Danu theres 3 helms, royal ice, royal druid and imperial druid

Ill take the imp druid kthxbai

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