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Re: Global Castle feedback

-1 on global castle it sucks.... If u want to keep it tho "which u ll do cuz yall dont care anw" just add this. Can we get an option to filter castle to be only players from your own server ? It’s very confusing reading all the buying and selling On another note i logged in the messy castl...

Re: Kill steal

I'm completely with ranger123, banning someone for ksing or griefing is pathetic. Your jus gunna have to put up with it or make life hard for this guy. Personally I log out or go on another character when it happens to me. Well when this person at least quad logs and is on almost 24/7 just to ks an...

Excess "Randomness"

The event idea itself is cool, but the randomness factor is way too much. On danu so far we had edl 205 spawn twice, arcane 5* dragon and a shty summonin floorboss dragon.....yes a damn floorboss. Also 2 damned dragons tht are invis and drp items for quest thts never there. And well only a single go...

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