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Fondest Farewell

From me to all you Fingalites, Fingalatarians, Fingalians and Fingallers. Today was the day I stopped being irritated with the poor game performance and decided to cut loose anything that annoyed me for the New Year. So happy new year everyone and all the best, I'll be elsewhere now. Don't wait for ...

Re: Still lagging

Ditto since unity and the reason why I don't play any more. When it's no longer fun and plain irritating it's time as far as I'm concerned. Sad but true yet I'll remember the fun times still :)

Re: Damage Flux Solved(Test)

Crickets ....... Well I thought it was cool anyway :) What was the 95 percentiles of those hits incidentally? Where would you expect all but 5 % of the hit range to be ? As a druid i always wanted to know whether there would be a statistically significant improvement in lightning etc with natural fo...

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