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Re: Arawn Competition: Fishing Fashion Sets screenshot!

It's really just different strokes for different folks. Furyion is one of the richest merchants in the game, so obviously is interested in adding to his collection with the aim to sell at a later date when he feels the price is right. Others are interested in getting the fashion purely with a view t...

Re: Environmental Exploitation

The photo suggests I did cheat, namely I caught all my fish from the ground! (On a serious note, the uncropped version of the image is just a piece of solid proof that this case is simply a visual glitch caused by lag, since my fishing line is being cast into the ground rather than in the water, th...

Re: Dropped resto potions chests

Hi Shadae, Just thought I'd clear up a couple of points. As you've probably come you realise now, when you drop items, these are immediately lost for good, unlike some other games where they do indeed get dropped to the floor. So for drop read permanently destroyed. The vendor in Shalemont is very m...

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