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Re: New scammer technique

I did a double take after i was asked for username and password. I was in moo clan , but left awhile back, but all 3 that were talking to me, I would trust with the items I had. When you see friend "... " log in , then they start talking to you saying trust so and so ,you'll get items back...

New scammer technique

Scammers are now using guild tags and name's very similar to guild member's to scam. To the pos that did it to me , enjoy the item's, probably leaving game because it took me @3 + years to get the items I had. Karma is a female dog ( being nice) . May you get genital herpes and piles.

Re: Revival Chests

I'm glad I didn't spend any money on plat. I would have if new chests stayed available. Seriously to the folks that want to keep there fashion rare, with the amount of different fashion,colors and mounts for all past events, I think your uniqueness will still be solid.


Just wanted to introduce myself. Currently, my main (Bucket Mcpail)is a lvl 187 rogue on Fingal. I am new to forums, but have playing CH for@1 1/2 years.

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