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Re: 2H weapons users

I myself use a 2 hand hammer mainly for hot swapping for kills like double attack and rupture and yes it does give me a worthy damage bonus. And honestly a lv l200 hammer from vendor is not bad to use lixing in tower I used it on all my lixs with haste and got most of the kills

Where do I train my Abilities???

I’ve been asking around my clan and I seem to get multiple different answers as to where the best spot is to train my abilities like warding fortitude vigor etc etc. I’ve heard so many spots and I’m at a loss on where to go. I know there used to be a guide where to train em but with all these update...

Re: DPS Warrior Questions

Depending on your gear and your level etc you should be putting all your points into str it 75% into str rest into vit never sexy or focus. With the right gear you’ll have plenty of attack. Rr is good on any dps class but it isn’t a must for warriors if you can get your hands on one without going ba...

Ability training

Ever since about 2015 training your abilities like warding etc has become way harder. There used to be multiple guides all over the forum telling you the best places to train each ability but ever since all the new updates all the mobs have either been removed or just aren’t as good as they used to ...

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